New Technique & Competition Team session starting June 2024

We’re excited to be offering this unique “team” opportunity!
While we’re calling it our “Competition Technique Training Team”, we will be offering FAR more than competition training.

If you’ve ever been interested in the world of Latin dance competition, we will be teaching the fundamentals, techniques, and skills necessary to succeed. We will be taking our years of experience in the world of Latin dance competition, while also consulting with a World Champion dancer. competitor, and judge, to bring you the most comprehensive salsa and bachata dance training offered in Pittsburgh to date.

For those of you of you that dance “just for fun” and are still reading this… hear us out. Even if you have ZERO interest in competing or performing, this will help take your social dancing to the next level.

Those that train to compete REQUIRE proper technique. Basic step, weight transfer, foot placement, frame, timing, musicality… the list goes on. In our own years training and competing, we also realized our social dance skills skyrocketed by training these techniques. It makes you more agile, smooth, and connected in your dance. If you’ve wondered how to get that “wow” factor with your social dancing… this is it.

Still accepting members: Level 1 On1 Salsa Partner Team
Closed to new members at this time: Urban/Sensual Bachata Partner Team
Closed to new members at this time: Advanced On2 Shines Ladies Team
Closed to new members at this time: Bachatango

Latin dance teams are a great way to quickly improve your dance skills, as well as build friendships and connections with like-minded individuals.

With our dance teams, you will learn deeper levels of technique beyond what you'll experience in group classes. We work hard, and have fun. You never have to perform, but you will have the opportunity to do so once you're ready. We also offer the option of competition if you want to take it to the next level. Our teams perform/compete at top latin dance events, festivals, and congresses locally, nationally, and internationally.

But again, performance and competition are NOT required to participate.

Contact us today to see if joining one of our CrossBody dance teams is a good fit for you!